Guess I’m pregnant.

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"You’re my nutballs. You’re my family.”

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I just can’t get over how worried she looks.. *species differentiation is important janey. the order of things must be correct. how do u not mind. how r u not uncomfortable. janey. i am uncomfortable.* bless your fucking cotton socks.

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"Over the weekend, I’d picked up a handbag for Sherri at a swag event. As I left for work on Monday, my young daughter came running out the door in her footie pajamas calling, “Mommy, Mommy, you forgot the purse for your wife!” And I thought: six years old, and we have done our job. We have affected one child who is going to branch out tolerance to her children and her friends. This is now! And on the way to work I cried because we’ve let her know: this is love. No matter gender, size, shape, color, love is love." - Teri Pole

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